Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The End is Near & a Giveaway!!!!

With the beginning of August comes the downturn of summer. What too soon? I’m sorry. It’s been on my mind lately as my interns prepare to pack their bags and head back to school in just a few weeks. I thought now would be a good time to giveaway a little something to help you start off the new school year right. It could also be a good time to check back in with your goals for the year, if you’re not quite in the school year time of life right now.
Everyday Healthy eCookbook from Pinch of Yum

I ordered this book when it was out for pre-order, and loved it! It has a huge array of recipes along with tips, planning, and ingredient guides. These guides are a perfect way to reinforce those healthy habits, and make your life easier. The recipes themselves are approachable and practical, with familiar and healthy ingredients, that can be made any day of the week.

On top of all that it’s pretty drool worthy. I mean those pictures! Lindsay is an amazing food photographer. This book is a perfect representation of her talents. I also really love that it's my very first giveaway ever!! I hope you are all as excited as I am!

To enter the giveaway you must follow my blog via Bloglovin, GFC. Then leave a comment telling me what your favorite summer past time is.

For bonus entries you can like Sweet Love and Ginger on Facebook, or follow me @sweetloveginger on instagram, and leave a comment for each.

That’s a total of 3 entries per person.

The winner will be announced on August 13th. So you only have two weeks to enter. Good Luck!

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be stepping in for Brooke over at Wrecking Routine and talking about some basic ways to keep your diet in check, you should probably make a pit stop there and see what I've got to say.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Things About Running on the Beach

I think I’m a pretty good authority on this since I’ve, you know, done it more than once before. Not that I live anywhere near a beach mind you but believe me I know what I am talking about, kind of. This is what I have learned from running on the beach.

  1. Your feet will hurt if you go bare foot. They aren’t used to digging into the sand like that, so since your probably on vacation anyway get a pedicure afterward the massage will feel wonderful.
  2. Holy calf soreness.
  3. When you start to sweat all the sand will stick to your entire body, and weasel its way into every single crevice. It sucks, get over it.
  4. Wear your bathing suit, or workout gear you can jump into the ocean with. The easiest way to cool off/de-sand is to jump in the water, though it will mean that you are then covered in salt, but you’ll have to choose your battles.
  5. It’s windier than you think.
  6. Sea shells, sea weed, and rocks pop up out of nowhere, look where you run.
  7. Run both directions on the beach, the incline messes with you and you will want to even that out.
  8. Run just along the water line, the sand is firmer there, but pay attention to the tide too. When it comes up and takes the sand out from under your feet you may stumble.
  9. The beach fills up fast, so get out there at like dawn, though dodging kids and beach chairs might increase the number of calories burnt it's also kind of dangerous.
  10. It’s worth everything, because it’s beautiful and feels amazing.
Anything I missed fellow beach running gurus?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five Time

We are wrapping this week up Friday Five style over here. In case you were unaware I have been on vacation and just got back yesterday. I should have lots of pictures to share with you today, but to be honest I took approximately 5 the whole trip. I was too busy actually living in the moment, rather than viewing it from behind a camera lens. I got a few snaps up on instagram if your super interested in stalking me.
  1. Waking up at 5:25 after almost a week of vacation is one of the hardest things ever. Thank god for Scottish Breakfast tea, I mean the tea itself is great but a splash of whiskey in is a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you Dianna Gabaldon  for the idea.Displaying InstagramCapture_84c5cdd8-461b-413c-92ed-49bedafeb006_jpg.jpg
  2. My ankles and knees are super swollen from the awesome sunburn I got while on vacation. Be prepared for some sunburn remedy posts, because this week I have tried them all!
  3.  The Journey that is the Yellow Table Cookbook, has got me all kinds of inspired to throw dinner parties, left and right, and tonight! I rhymed and it’s true I’m having one of my good friends and her family over for dinner tonight. It’s been a long time and I’m stoked
  4. Because this quote it exactly how I am feeling right now. Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive!
  5.  Now since it is Friday let’s just get started by backing our azzes up with and oldie but a goodie. I hear this song walking the strip on vacation. A couple of redneck boys in a pickup had it blaring. Let’s just hope for their sakes that I just popped up on the classic rock station and they were too lazy to change it? 
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