Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This Year & Next

For the last couple years I have began the year with a list of small goals of things that I want to accomplish during the year. It has always been a good way to urge myself to get these things done. You can see 2013’s list here.

This year a lot of things on that list did not happen. A lot of other wonderful things did happen this year though.

In January we went to Vermont to visit friends.

February was a wonderfully romantic month with lots of wonderful homemade food.

March started off with an amazing trip to New York City and Alex Guarnaschelli’s Restaurant Butter. I was also lucky enough to start a new job. As if anything else could happen Chuck and I moved into a new place. It was kind of a little crazy around these parts.

In April we adopted our little monster Brody.
May included a trip to wine country, and catching up with friends.

For the month of June we did a lot of camping, and read some awesome books.

In July I got a little excited about summer cocktails and did a lot more camping.

August was a nice relaxing month of summer food,more outdoor adventure, and ended with a long weekend in Hampton Beach.

September was a big month here since Chuck asked me to marry him.

October was a whirlwind of excitement in announcing to the world that we were engaged.

 November slowed down a little bit and I got into a German inspired kick.

Finally December was another one of those whirlwind months where I shared some quick and easy recipes, as well as a lot of my favorites.

This upcoming year I already know it going to be kind of nutty. The little family that we are building is in store for a big ride. Along with our own wedding planning, theres quite a few weddings to attend and be a part of, and money to save for a house (one day) and who knows what else is in store.

This year my goals are much smaller and personal. They are things like spending more time with family, staying in touch with long distance friends, spending more time outside, and on fitness. I want to accomplish more at work, and save a lot more money, and take more time for myself in my off hours. This year I’m not making a definitive list, but I do have goals I intend to stick with I guess we will see what this year will bring.


  1. I'd say 2013 was a great year for you, my dear :)

    1. I know. I'm wondering if next year can even compete!

  2. I like your goals!! Didnt you pay off your loans too?! Thats an accomplishment : )

    1. Yes. That was actually last year. I did however pay off my car this year. It just seemed like a lame accomplishment.


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